About Balboa

An original swing dance, Balboa is an elegant, stylish partner dance. It is fun, sociable and easy to learn.    

It was first danced in California in the 1920s, evolving from Charleston and other styles at a time when dance floors were very crowded. The dance would have died out if "old timers" such as Maxie Dorf, Willie Desatoff, Hal and Betty Takier and others had not kept it alive. It was "re-discovered" in the mid 1980’s when a small group of enthusiasts, including Sylvia Sykes, spent time learning the dance from these original dancers.

Balboa is now popular throughout the UK and the world. The dance is taught as a mixture of both Pure Bal and Bal Swing. With small and intricate footwork, Balboa has become particularly well known for dancing to very fast tunes when it is at its most challenging and exhilarating. However Balboa is stylish and relaxing to slow music, as well as all tempos in between.     

Tony and Anna also run the www.AreYouDancing.com website, listing dance events for all styles across the UK as well as international events.