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We look forward to welcoming you at our Practice Nights and Dances. See our Calendar or click on one of the links above for more information. 

We also run a number of residential dance weekends including Bal Break and Bal n Blues, please see our Weekend Workshops page or click the buttons below for more information.

Bal Break 2018

BalBreak - a residential Balboa weekend...

Friday 9th to Sunday 11th November 2018

Sylvia Sykes and Adam Speen
Nick Williams and Kate Hedin
Bobby White and Shani Brown

£265 per person includes 2 nights half dinner B&B

Click here for more details about BalBreak

Bal n SlowBal 2019

A day each of Balboa and Slow Balboa
or a whole weekend of Balboa

Friday 8th to Sunday 10th 
March 2019

Jacob Wigger
Shani Brown
Nejc Zupan
Katja Hrastar

£255 for the whole weekend including dinner, B&B

Click here for more details about Bal 'n Slow Bal

Bal Break 2019

Save the day...

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th September 2019

More details coming soon...

Balboa is an original swing dance from America which has become very popular across the UK and beyond. With small and intricate footwork you will be able to dance to the fastest of tunes, whilst remaining cool and stylish on the dance floor. You will look good dancing to slow tunes as well. Please follow the link to find out more about Balboa.

For more information please contact us.

Martyn, Sue, Tony and Anna 

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